May 5, 2012 ~ This Morning’s Rescues

May 5, 2012: This morning’s rescues…
I check my hive in the a.m. for any little bees that might have not quite made it back into the hive the night before. Sometimes they get back late and can have trouble navigating in the dark, ending up on the ground in front of the hive instead of inside where it’s warm. If they get too chilled, they can’t move and will eventually die. The lucky ones that I pick up in the morning get a drop of honey water on a toothpick and when they warm up, I put them back in the hive. Check out the little bee’s tongue (the one on the right) stuck out to get the honey water.


These two were lucky! Bzzz…..❀


About "BUGGING" YOU FROM San Juan Island

I love beetles and keep bees! In my free time, I enjoy photography (mostly bugs) and documenting insect species found on San Juan Island. I have limited availability for local, onsite beekeeping consultation and hive inspection, honey bee removal/swarm collection as well as phone/skype consultation. Contact me at Member Washington State Beekeepers Association
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